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Mom's Choice Award Award Winning Snickerdoodle Storybooks

Introducing 3 amazing adventure-in-a-nutshell storybooks featuring Snickerdoodle™ and his pals, for kids ages 3 and up. Each storybook shown here is 36-40 pages, with full-color illustrations. Available in hardcover or trade paperback edition.

Book price: $12.99 each hardcover edition*; $3.50 each trade paperback edition.

NEWPublisher’s SALE PRICE on set of all three books in hardcover edition!
You can now order a set of the three hardcover books directly from Small Wonders Enterprises for $25, plus postage and handling .

Postage and handling: $8.00.  Virginia residents add 6% state sales tax.
Note: Postage/handling fee is same, $8.00 flat rate,  whether you order one book or all three.

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Snickerdoodle coverSnickerdoodle! A Tall-Tale About a Powerful Pee-Wee

star Winner of the Mom's Choice Award at Book Expo 2005, presented by Twila Liggett, creator/producer of Reading Rainbow!

This introductory Snickerdoodle story is a humorous American tall tale in the tradition of Pecos Bill or Paul Bunyan. It illustrates how a “little squirt” can overcome big odds and outwit the “bad guys” with a surprising dose of humor they won't forget! Set in a western (cowboy) theme, this story has lots of action and will delight kids of all ages. Theme: “Think BIG! Real strength has nothing to do with your size!”

Snickerdoodle and the Roller Skating HorseSnickerdoodle and the Roller-Skating Horse!
This next story in the series continues the western theme, as Snickerdoodle rescues a runaway rodeo horse who refuses to become a bucking bronco. This story shows how it is important to continue to pursue a personal goal or dream and also how to make friends with those who may at first seem “rough” or opposing. Theme: Be yourself! Dare to dream big!

Snickerdoodle's Atar Spangled Fourth of JulySnickerdoodle's Star Spangled Fourth of July!
Any child who has been teased or left out of group activities will find friends in this story, which takes place on his Uncle Yankee Doodle's farm and includes Snickerdoodle's family and animal friends at a Fourth of July picnic. This is a story with a gentle message of appreciating the individuality and uniqueness of each one of us and finding a way to share one's special talents in a helpful way. Theme: “Let your light shine!”

Every SNICKERDOODLE story carries the message: “Never be afraid to be yourself. You're never too little to make a difference. Think BIG! Even a little guy can be a big hero. When bullies confront you, do the unexpected—be a peacemaker! And surprise folks with laughter and fun!”

Snickerdoodle™ Toy!

ToyA SAFE PEANUT! Here's more fun in a nutshell! Snickerdoodle® and Snickerdoodle's Peanutmobile® soft toy doll set. Safe playtime pal for toddlers and older kids, too. Snickerdoodle doll is 9" tall with denim jeans.

NEW Publisher’s Sale! 25% off! Originally priced at $12.99, the Snickerdoodle toy doll set is now available for $8.00, plus $8.00 postage and handling. VA residents add 6% state sales tax. Order info

Snickerdoodle Stories and Songs For Little Guys Who Think BIG

CDContains 3 Snickerdoodle stories narrated by a professional storyteller, 6 songs performed by a bluegrass band, and The SnickerdoodleRap! Kids will be delighted and actively entertained and will enjoy singing along with this 42-minute audio recording.

CD price: $8.00, plus $8.00postage and handling. VA residents add 6% state sales tax. Order info

My Snickerdoodle Doodle Book: Creative Writing/Drawing Adventures

Doodle BookA 72-page activity book featuring Snickerdoodle and his friends to inspire children to think BIG, using imagination as a passport to adventure and creative problem-solving; and to contribute their big ideas, drawings, and writings. An empowering and FUN workbook for “powerful pee-wees” ages 4 and up, it gently (and humorously) instills timeless values basic to character education and shows how “you're never too little to make a difference in the world.”

Activity Book price: $3.00, plus $8.00 postage and handling. VA residents add 6% state sales tax. Order info

"Fun in a Nutshell" set of products

Fun in a Nutshell setProducts may be ordered separately, or together as a set in the new "Fun in a Nutshell" Packet. The packet contains the CD, the Activity Book, 3 full-color illustrated storybooks, and more lesson plan ideas.

Packet price : $21.50 plus $8.00 postage and handling. VA residents add 6% state sales tax. Order info

Ordering Products

To order Snickerdoodle™ products, print out the order form (PDF) and mail it, with your check or money order, to:

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Sorry, we do not take credit card orders. If more than one set of books and products are ordered, please call (703) 352-0226 or e-mail Clare@snickerdoodleforkids.com for bulk/discount rates.  Orders usually ship within 24 hours. 

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