Think Big! Your Peacemaker Superhero Kit

Hey Kids,

Want to be a “powerful pee-wee peacemaker superhero” like Snickerdoodle?
Your “big ideas” can help make a difference in the world.


What big ideas?
And what is a “peacemaker superhero” anyway?

A hero helps people—sometimes in small ways, sometimes big.

In every “Snickerdoodle” story, you will find at least one of these 3 ways he surprises people, solves a tough problem, and helps someone:

  • Using humor
  • Using imagination
  • Using kindness

These are big ideas every peacemaker superhero needs in his toolkit.

Because peacemaking is about making friends.

And why do you think Snickerdoodle has lots of friends?
Maybe it is because instead of being afraid of people who look different, are bigger, who act mean, or who act out bullying behavior, Snickerdoodle treats them just like they are already his friends!

That’s why he is a “powerful pee-wee peacemaker!”

(Listen up! First in your toolkit––The “Snickerdoodle Rap” for little dudes is a fun way to imagine how to be peacemaker hero.)

Snickerdoodlestar Hear the the Snickerdoodle RAP!

Snickerdoodle knows “you’re never too little to make a difference in the world”

He knows that big ideas that start with humor, imagination, and kindness always succeed!
And these ideas give Snickerdoodle his amazing strength...

So even though he is tiny, he has courage and real power to do good things that help people.
And a real superhero is humble.
A peacemaker superhero doesn’t grab the spotlight for himself or herself, but instead likes to help others shine!

SnickerdoodleHow can YOU can be a”powerful pee-wee peacemaker superhero”?

YOU can be a “powerful pee-wee peacemaker superhero” when you look for ways to help people…

You’ll see “small wonders” open up when you use your sense of humor, imagination, and kindness.

Here’s YOUR Peacemaker Superhero starter ideas toolkit for thinking BIG.

Download and print out the pages here, and then send us your drawings and writings. We will post as many as possible on the snickerdoodleforkids website. (*You need to be sure to get your parents’ permission to submit your work.)

An unfinished story needs your help!

Help Snickerdoodle teach "bullies" a lesson!

Hey Kids! Here’s your chance to be a “powerful pee-wee peacemaker” and a “bully-buster!” Here’s a Snickerdoodle story that isn’t finished. It needs YOUR help!

How do you think Snickerdoodle would solve this problem?

Two rival gangs are trying to start fights, and they are acting like bullies. One gang leader is named “Rock Bottom.” He has a heavy brick in his back pocket that weighs him down. He threatens to hit people with it. The other gang leader is named “Phil Dirt.” He is always throwing little pebbles and clods of dirt at people. He is so messy and dirty that he can’t see things clearly.

Can you imagine a FUNNY SOLUTION to this problem?

Here’s a hint: Snickerdoodle will never hit Rock Bottom.

And Snickerdoodle will tell Phil Dirt,“Your name is MUD in this town!”

What do you think will happen to Rock Bottom when the brick in the seat of his pants gets too heavy?

What do you think Snickerdoodle will do to Phil Dirt to turn his “dirt” into “mud”?

And how will Snickerdoodle get these guys to stop fighting and DO SOMETHING COOL—something GOOD—TOGETHER???

(Could these guys use their special talents (with bricks, dirt, and rocks) to help people landscape their gardens? Make a big sculpture? Or maybe they could form a “rock” band together? What else?)

Have fun drawing and writing your ideas for how Snickerdoodle, the “powerful pee-wee,” can teach these bullies a lesson (using imagination and humor, not weapons or violence) and can get them to be friends!

Send us your stories and artwork! (Be sure to get your parents’ permission.) Include your name, age, hometown, and school. We will post the best ideas on this site!

E-mail us at, or write us at:

Small Wonders Enterprises
12210 Fairfax Towne Center #901
Fairfax, VA 22033

What’s Your Big Idea?

SnickerdoodleWant to help Snickerdoodle make a difference in the world?

Want to help others by using your imagination, creativity, and sense of humor?

You’re never too little to make a difference!
BE a “small wonder!”
BE a “powerful pee-wee peacemaker!”

How many BIG ideas can you think of?
(To help the environment? Help pets or animals? Help needy kids all around the world? Help your school or community? Help your family?)

star Click here to start on your idea list!

For more big ideas for projects that your school class or group can do together, click on these links:

star Here's a song about how to think BIG and be a handy-dandy hero like Snickerdoodle!

Who is your “peacemaker superhero?"

star Click HERE to print these pages to draw and write:

  • What do you think a “peacemaker superhero” looks like?
  • What do you think a “peacemobile” for a peacemaker superhero would look like ? What could it do?
  • What could a peacemaker superhero do to help people?
  • My BIG Idea for a more peaceful world is...

Let there light shineSend your big ideas in an e-mail (and a pdf file attached of your drawings) to or send a printed copy of your drawings and writings to us at

Small Wonders Enterprises
12210 Fairfax Towne Center, #901
Fairfax, VA 22033

Be sure to include your postal mailing address, and we’ll send you a free Snickerdoodle sticker and balloon!

And HEY KIDS! If your school class or club or Scout troop or Sunday School
thinks big and creates a successful “peacemaker heroes” group project,
please tell us about it!

 You and your teacher, school principal, or sponsor are invited to submit your group project photos, drawings, or videos to We’ll post the best ideas on

AND we will send your school or sponsoring organization a free set of award-winning Snickerdoodle® books (hardcover edition for library), a CD of stories and songs including  the Snickerdoodle RAP (how to be a ‘dude who can do it’ peacemaker!), and an activity book with pages you can print out for everyone to color, write story ideas, draw, & imagine fun stuff with Snickerdoodle.

If your project is selected for posting on this website, we will also award $25 to your school or sponsoring organization to support your project.

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