"Be the change you wish to see in the world." (attributed to peacemaker activist, Gandhi)



About Small Wonders Enterprises

Small Wonders Enterprises, a freelance communications firm offering writing, editing, and creative services began in the Washington, DC metro area in 1979, serving publishers, professional associations, government agencies, and small businesses.

Mission Statement

We celebrate the "power of the little guy"—Snickerdoodle represents the spirit of the peacemaker superhero that lives within us all.

Clare at Book Expo

Today, the primary mission of Small Wonders Enterprises is to spread Snickerdoodle’s “good news in a nutshell”—to provide activities, products, and resources to entertain, inspire, and empower kids—and delight their parents as well!


“Imagination is everything.”
–Albert Einstein.

We believe that today’s kids are truly “small wonders”—and we encourage them to “think BIG,” to contribute their ideas, to help others, to be peacemakers through humor and imagination, and to realize that they are never too little to make a difference! Isn't this what "thinking BIG" is really all about?

We can each do “small things with great love” (Mother Teresa). And whenever we pay attention to the “small things” that bring opportunities for our children and ourselves to develop self-respect, courage, peacemaking, and service, we strengthen character, put spiritual values into action, and make a difference!

Clare at an author visit