Snickerdoodle's BIG Message

...In a Nutshell

I'm called "Snickerdoodle!" Yes, that's my name.
To "little guys" everywhere I'm here to proclaim:

Your courage, your spirit—not muscles and might—
Will vanquish all villains and whisk them from sight.

For the power of love is always far greater
Than the mask of meanness on the face of a hater.

And the power behind you is much stronger by far
Than whatever confronts you—If you know who you are!

Yes, real power shines within you-makes you brave, makes you wise...
You can "zap" any problem in spite of its size!

And humor's a powerful weapon, you know.
It can topple a tyrant and befuddle a foe.

It can tickle a tycoon, make a giant guffaw,
Cause a chieftain to chuckle, and bemuse an outlaw.

Yes, humor heals hurts and divisions and strife...
If you want to be happy, then laugh all your life!

So, if a big tough guy crosses your path,
Surprise him with kindness- or be a friend, make him laugh!

Dare to make peace! The world needs your smile
To stretch across oceans, mile after mile.

And if you are small and think you can't win,
Just remember you're stronger than ten thousand men.

Who act like they "know-it-all," (but really know zero)...
You're a "powerful pee-wee"- a real superhero!


A Note to Parents

This message invites your kids to “think big” (courageously, creatively). It also challenges kids to stretch their vocabulary--- it has lots of “big words.”

Besides sharing the ideas and values of the message with your kids, you can play a “word treasure hunt” game with them – see how many big words, new words, funny words you can find together.

(How many different words for "laughter?" What is a "villain?" How do you "vanquish" him without using a weapon/violence? What do you think these people look like: a "tycoon," a "chieftain," a "tyrant," and an "outlaw?" How do you think Snickerdoodle makes peace with so many different people? What kind of "power" do you think enables Snickerdoodle to "think BIG"? How can you be a "powerful pee-wee" like Snickerdoodle? Have fun discussing these ideas with your kids… and enjoy the stories together, too!)

A Bully-Busting Rap for Little Guys—
Teach your kids to be peacemakers!

Listen to "The Snickerdoodle RAP" with your kids.  Its "can-do" message will develop kids' character and confidence  in facing down bullying behavior and learning how to make friends.