Reviews & Fan Mail

Excerpted Reviews From Trade Media

"... wholesome, feel-good stories… . Each tale concludes with an inspirational message, 'Snickerdoodle's BIG message for Little Guys.'" (School Library Journal)

"His message for 'little guys'…is that…'real power shines within you.' This message also includes the notion that kindness, friendliness, and humor can make peace, and that a pee-wee can be a superhero… Teachers may find much to do with this package [of storybooks, CD, activity book, and lesson plans]." (Reviewed by Ken and Sylvia Marantz for Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database, at

"Children will enjoy the charming tale told with enough humor and suspense to keep them turning the pages. The illustrations…are colorful and expressive."
(Clarion  Review, ForeWord Magazine)

"The stories are imaginative, with a positive message…Our preschooler has loved all the Snickerdoodle stories (and CD). The CD-book combination gives parents options for sharing the stories with their child. Preschoolers and elementary-aged children can see themselves as the superhero because Snickerdoodle is just their size."
(The Reading Tub,


Fan Mail

"You’ve got a fine idea [in ‘Snickerdoodle’]…"
(Pete Seeger, American folklorist. From personal letter.)

"I well appreciate your Snickerdoodle project."
(The late Dr. Seuss, Theodor S. Geisel. From personal letter, 1983.)

"Snickerdoodle is America's storytelling at its best. Snickerdoodle tales will bring America's traditional patriotic characters forth to young students and teach values and problem-solving skills at the same time. Snickerdoodle encourages good listening skills and a positive 'can-do' attitude for children. My kindergarten and first grade students really enjoyed the adventure."
(Elementary Library Media Specialist, Fairfax County, VA Public Schools)

"Snickerdoodle books would be an inspiration to all children. That’s what the children in our community need—inspiration to feel good about themselves as they are growing up in neighborhoods where violence and hardship is, unfortunately, part of the landscape."
(DeDe Hicks, CEO of The Volunteer Center, community agency serving at-risk children in Torrance, CA)

"The spirit in each of these stories is very uplifting. I enjoy the fact that this ‘pee-wee’ hero does help the children keep in mind that they’re never too little to make a difference.

The read-along CD is a lot of fun to listen to with the engaging music and voices. This resource is invaluable to help children use their imaginations and build their self esteem when they face bullies or other seemingly impossible situations."
(Danielle Richmond, Programs Services Specialist, Clarkesville-Habersham County Library, Clarkesville, GA)

"Those stories and their colorful heritage need to be kept alive! We all need a superhero, young and old---probably now more than ever!"
(Marty Hatcher, Art Teacher, Houston, TX)

"The magic, the tiny size, the uniqueness, the heroism must have something for children, no matter the times."
(Professor of Child Development/Children’s Literature, Stephens College, Columbia, MO)

 "I found this book to be a useful addition to my teaching of tall tales and their characteristics. The students in my classroom especially liked the rap about Snickerdoodle that is included on the CD."
(C. Motes, Second Grade Teacher, Dallas, TX)

"As a teacher I have found this book to be an exciting addition to my classroom library. The illustrations are imaginative, and the story engages my students from the beginning to the end. As an art teacher, I am always looking for great adventures for my students to explore in literature and further in paintings. Snickerdoodle is a great place to start young imaginations. This is an exceptional volume. I would recommend it to kids of all ages."
(Elementary Art Teacher, Kentucky, USA)

"A beautifully illustrated volume presenting a time honored art form. Stories about giants, unicorns, and tall tales enrich the imaginary life of children. This book [Snickerdoodle] has brought tremendous joy to young art students in my classes, who interpreted and expanded each story with their own imagination. I highly recommend this book and use it myself in my classroom."
(Professor of Art Education, USA)