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Looking for CHARACTER EDUCATION or ARTS-RELATED curriculum activities?

5 Reasons Why You Need Snickerdoodle™!

  • Read-aloud books & storytelling foster pre-literacy skills.
  • Stories feature rhythm, rhyme, repetition.
  • Stories introduce American folklore characters and tall tales.
  • Stories develop children’s problem-solving abilities through use of imagination and humor.
  • Stories build character and confidence in learning “You’re never too little to make a difference!”


star FREE Snickerdoodle Lesson Plan!

Peanut Plane

Here is a Snickerdoodle lesson plan for teachers of children ages 3-8 available for downloading and adapting for classroom use. It explores the topic "What is a hero" and stimulates discussion and exercises suitable for character education curriculum, creative writing/art, and/or language arts units on American tall tales.

This lesson plan has been used in kindergarten and elementary classrooms, with success! The younger children can understand a few short, basic facts about heroes and about Snickerdoodle-- and they can draw! Older children who are already used to writing their own stories and who are ready to appreciate American history/folklore and understand the humor of "tall tales" can perceive more "nuances" of character/story development.

FREE! Teacher's Resource Packet
In addition to the “What is a Hero?” lesson plan, a packet of additional resources is available for teachers and library media specialists to use with their students. The packet includes FREE materials such as:

  • Stickers, available in two different designs, (for a class of up to 30 students) which feature Snickerdoodle: One sticker design says “I’m a Small Wonder!”; the other shows Snickerdoodle standing tall, saying “Think BIG!”
  • Red/white/ & blue balloons (for up to 30 children) that show “Snickerdoodle” in a victory pose, saying, “Think BIG!”
  • A color flyer featuring Snickerdoodle and the “Snickerdoodle RAP.”

Snickerdoodle PosterFree full-color posters (11” x 17”) showing illustrations from award-winning Snickerdoodle™ storybooks:

Poster 1: Headline: “Discover small wonders along the road less traveled.” Shows Snickerdoodle walking along a grassy trail, accompanied by a snail and a friendly bee. (Art education-- Ask children, “What ‘small wonders’ do you see in the picture? What would you add, if you were the artist?”) PDF of poster

Snickerdoodle PosterPoster2: Headline: “Everyone cheered for the kitty-cat band!” Shows a parade of whimsical cats, playing musical instruments. (Music education—Ask children, “How many and what musical instruments do you see? What is a ‘kazoo?’ What do these instruments sound like?  Where would you see a  marching band perform? Which cat has colors like the American flag? What holiday do you think these cats are celebrating?”) PDF of poster

Uncle Yankee Doodle

Hóla, Amigos!

For teachers of English-as-second-language and others who have requested "Snickerdoodle" materials in Spanish, a brief information sheet that introduces the character and summarizes the three stories is now available in Spanish. It is suitable for reading aloud to very young children. Download your free "Quién es Snickerdoodle?".

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Invitation to Teachers!

We’d love to hear from you! We welcome your questions, comments, and ideas. Share your stories of how you are using Snickerdoodle with your students. We’ll award $25 for examples of the most innovative, successful, fun classroom lesson plans you’ve created and implemented, using Snickerdoodle. And we’ll post these on this site or we will post a link to your site.

Inspiring Your Students to Become Peacemaker Heroes

SnickerdoodleTeachers will find more excellent ideas for involving their students in creating their own "hero "at .

And at, you’ll find inspiring real-life “hero stories” and ways your students can participate in community service and win recognition as a “Gee Whiz Kids”™ hero. (Click on “Heroes of the Heart” and “Books from the Heart.”)

More opportunities to connect your students with other kids around the globe in peacemaking projects involving art and the environment are at:
And be sure to visit:

NEWClick here for more teacher resources on anti-bullying, social/emotional learning, and peace education.

New! SPECIAL VALUE! More Good News in a Nutshell!

PacketPlan your school year with Snickerdoodle! Order the Classroom Fun in a Nutshell packet. Everything you need to motivate your kids to become "powerful Pee-wees" like Snickerdoodle! Includes:

  • Three full-color storybooks
  • CD of stories and songs
  • Activity book with reproducible pages for classroom use
  • Handouts of curriculum tie-ins for Pre K - 3 classes.

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