Art Activities

PeanutmobileSnickerdoodle’s Peanutmobile® offers opportunities for creative projects in various media.

Children may draw or paint the magic peanutmobile on different adventures on land (a race?), or in the water (pleasure boat or on a sea mission), or in air and space travel (helicoptering, parachuting, rocketing, space shuttle, etc.).

They may decorate the peanut with racing stripes or stars or other details, using glitter, stickers, and other materials.

A class could make a collaborative mural showing all the modes of travel and sights you would see on a trip Snickerdoodle makes.

Children might individually (or as a group) sculpt a “peanutmobile” and paint it (using modeling clay, papier mache, or other medium).

Girls might enjoy designing costumes for Polly Wolly Doodle’s country western performances.

Boys might enjoy designing a new skateboard for Jerry the Roller-Skating Horse.

Children might design their own tee shirts or decals  (or tattoos??) around the theme, “I’m a small wonder!”

Children might collect and clip magazine images of heroes in action, favorite superheroes, kids helping kids, etc., and design a collage  (individually or with a group or class) to be exhibited in gallery or at school event.

Children might bring in collections of special treasured “small things” that they love and arrange them in shadow boxes or other containers for display. (The “Small Wonders” Collection!)


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