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Where to Find a Safe Superhero?

Have you ever wondered what happened to the "good old days" of "safe" traditional storybook and toy heroes a kid could actually play with -- when "interactive" meant that a child used his or her imagination to create adventures instead of having a computer-chip implant in a toy or book that "talked?"

Have you had it with the blitz of children's toy "action figures," violent superhero characters, non-human science fiction robots, scary monsters, and powerful warrior toys? Are you tired of inane, silly, "cute but harmless" children's toy and TV characters aimed at getting your kids to beg you to buy-- and buy some more?

You're not alone! As parents and grandparents of kids today, you could use some help, right?

Today's kids need fantasy heroes that inspire their imaginations and creativity--positive role models that help them gain a sense of safety and control over their own domain. They need to know that they are never too small to be needed or to be helpful to others. And the earlier they start learning, the better! They need to see nonviolent problem-solving methods that (even in fantasy situations) don't require fist-fights, guns, laser weapons, or aggressive, violent behavior!

Parents as Storytellers:Your Vital Mission

Despite the blitz of multi-media choices in children’s entertainment today, there is still a vital and unique need for storytellers. Although your kids may enjoy a DVD or an I-Pad app for solitary entertainment, they enjoy spending time with you more! Don’t miss the fun of reading with your kids, telling stories together!

As parents/storytellers, YOU are the caring human link that is the foundation for building children’s skills in creative thinking and expression and for connecting their lives with positive role models, providing mentoring that will nurture character and spirit.


Why do your kids need Snickerdoodle?

  • He's the perfect fantasy friend and role model...
  • Because his might isn't in muscles. His courage isn't battery-powered. His brain isn't stored in a computer.
  • He's human. He's lovable. He's fun.
  • He's "good news in a nutshell."

Share him and his message with your kids!

You can find an article on the value of storytelling in children’s lives on Then click-on "Storytellers."

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Snickerdoodle's Big Message

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Invitation to Parents

Please e-mail us or write us with your ideas and suggestions! Let us know how you are sharing Snickerdoodle with your kids. Let us know what you’d like to see Snickerdoodle do next and how he can be responsive to your kids’ needs.

And we especially welcome your kids’ submissions (stories, art), with your permission.

“Telling tales has always been the primary way we tell about and discover who we are…Children especially should be encouraged to spin yarns, play imaginative roles, indulge in fantasy…” (J.Cassell, Director of Narrative and Gesture Language Division of the Media Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)