Star Clare Grosgebauer, award-winning author of the Snickerdoodle!® children’s book series, welcomes inquiries from schools, child care centers, summer day camps, libraries, museums, and bookstores regarding author visits, book signings, and storytelling events with children.
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School Visits

Hello! I love to visit schools and share Snickerdoodle’s stories and message—and listen to kids’ “big ideas!”

I am based in Fairfax, Virginia, in the suburbs of Washington DC,  and I am currently available for travel locally in the metro area and within the state.

About the author visits

If you wish to schedule an author visit, please be specific about your preferred date and time, with alternate dates suggested. I prefer to schedule afternoon visits, but will arrange visits at 11 a.m. or later, most weekdays. (Not available Tuesdays.) It is helpful to have about 6 weeks’ advance notice of the date you wish to book. Limited author visits during winter months when snow and ice are common and may close or delay schools. 

Clare readingPlease specify the type of event you are planning.  A storytime/storytelling
with the book(s)? A bookselling event, with author book signing? An appearance at school book fair? A themed tie-in , such as Fourth of July, or perhaps curriculum unit on tall tales, etc? A Q&A session with older kids about creative writing careers, or the process of publishing?

I prefer small groups of 25-30 children in a classroom setting. Please specify number of children expected in the group. I do not do school assembly programs or large auditorium-based programs at this time.

Programs are generally 30 minutes, for children ages 4-5; up to 40 minutes for 6-7 year-olds.

What does program include?

Clare readingI generally start by asking children about their favorite heroes, and engage them in discussing fantasy vs. real-life heroes , what qualities make a hero, etc. I show them the Snickerdoodle books and tell a little about how these stories came to be written. The children may vote on what book they'd like me to read aloud, or with youngest children, I may just show pictures in the book and "tell" the story.

Program sessions are informal and interactive, with ease of dialogue and questions between author and children.  When time allows, I may do “the Snickerdoodle Rap” with kids (movement and rhythm) or may suggest an art activity (can provide coloring page) for drawing where they’d go in a “peanutmobile” or designing their own supervehicle, etc.

At the end of the session, I provide  “Snickerdoodle” balloons, stickers, posters, and handouts of a coloring page or creative writing  activity sheet, along with resources for teachers to use as follow-up activities/lesson plans.

What does program cost?

Clare readingProgram fee for one 30-minute program is $150. If two program sessions are scheduled, back-to-back, the fee is $250. Three-program limit for the day, at $400.

If overnight travel or distances over  75 miles required, the school or organization pays for the expenses.

If the event is not a storytime (classroom program), but rather a bookselling/book signing event only, then there is no fee.

Tight budget? Let me know your needs, and I am glad to work out a program at reduced fee-- or in special circumstances, no fee.

How to schedule an author visit

You can contact Clare by e-mail at snickerdoodle@erols.com
Or call and leave message or questions on her voicemail at (703) 352-0226. I will return your call.

You can also use the Author Booking Service provided by the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database. (www.childrenslit.com) Contact them for details.

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