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Kids’ Stories

Hey kids! Welcome to your very own click-on web page especially for sharing stories and poems that YOU write!

If you like hearing about Snickerdoodle and his adventures in his "Peanutmobile", here's your chance to imagine and create some brand new " Snickerdoodle" Stories of your own! He is YOUR "superhero"-- He's as near as your imagination and can arrive in his peanutmobile faster than you can say "putt-putt-phazoom!" And he can travel on adventures with you just as far as your creativity will go!

If you clicked on this page before you or your parents have read the Who is Snickerdoodle? page, or before you have listened to storytime or The Snickerdoodle RAP, you may want to go back and start there first. And the page of Free Resources for Teachers gives your teacher and YOU some good ideas to get you started on story writing.

How do you write a Snickerdoodle story? Just remember these important points:

  1. Snickerdoodle is small, super-strong, and nonviolent.
  2. Snickerdoodle solves tough problems using his sense of humor and the element of surprise.
  3. Snickerdoodle is kind; he respects others. He is a peacemaker. He turns enemies into friends. He will play a trick on a "bad guy" or will make a joke, but he never hurts anyone.
  4. Snickerdoodle is humble. (He never brags.)
  5. And... Snickerdoodle is funny!

The best Snickerdoodle stories make you laugh but also teach a lesson that helps you feel good about yourself or shows you how you can do something helpful for others. Remember, when you start thinking about creating your own stories:

Snickerdoodle has lots of friends, including his animal friends Spitfire Jim, Star Spangled Cat, and Jerry the Roller Skating Horse. (Maybe you can think of some more?)

Star-spangled Cat

Spitfire Jim


Jerry the horse

And Snickerdoodle's family includes his Uncle Yankee Doodle and his banjo-playing Cousin Polly Wolly Doodle. (Maybe you will create a story about these characters, or will imagine some more Doodles!)

Uncle Yankee Doodle

Polly Wolly Doodle

Where to send your original Snickerdoodle Stories

It's easy to share your stories and have them posted on this page for other kids to read. Just e-mail stories to us at stories@snickerdoodleforkids.com. Be sure to include your name, age, and e-mail address. Make sure this is okay with your parents.

If you write and illustrate a Snickerdoodle story, you can also send it by regular mail. Put it in a stamped envelope, along with your name, age, and address, and mail it to us at:

Small Wonders Enterprises,
PMB 901,
12210 Fairfax Towne Center
Fairfax, VA 22033

Sorry, but we can't return your drawings and we can't promise to show ALL of them, but we will post as many as possible on this kids' web page!

Stories by kids

Here's a "Snickerdoodle" story by second-graders in Texas:

The Unfortunately but Fortunately Snickerdoodle Story

Fortunately Snickerdoodle was invited to a swimming party!

Unfortunately, the party was in Texas and he was in China.

Fortunately Snickerdoodle has a car that he could turn into an airplane so he could fly to the party!

Unfortunately, while Snickerdoodle was flying his plane, it broke and it turned back into a car and began to fall into the ocean!

Fortunately, he could also turn his car into a boat. So he turned his car into a boat and began sailing towards Texas.

Unfortunately, his boat - which is powered by peanut butter - ran out of fuel!

Fortunately, there was a peanut butter store floating in the middle of the ocean. So Snickerdoodle went in and bought some fuel for his car (which is also known as peanut butter!)

Unfortunately, there was not enough peanut butter in that store to get him all the way to Texas.

Fortunately, he found another peanut butter store floating a few miles away. He bought all of their peanut butter and put it in his car and he sailed all the way to the United States.

Unfortunately, he was tired from his long trip so he laid down to take a nap.

Fortunately, he woke up with enough time to still get to the party.

Unfortunately, he had to travel across a desert to get to the swimming party.

Fortunately, he had plenty of water with him and he was able to cross the desert without problems!

Unfortunately, he ran into a herd of elephants after he got through the desert.

Fortunately, Snickerdoodle had some peanut butter left over from his shopping. (elephants love things made from peanuts!). He fed the elephants and they let him go on his way!

Unfortunately, he ran out of water to drink so he had to stop to get a drink of water.

Fortunately, by the time he needed water, he was already at the swimming party in Texas so he just got a drink from the fountain, and dived right into the pool to have fun with his friends Polly Wolly Doodle, Yankee Doodle, Spitfire Jim, and the Star Spangled Cat!

By Mrs. Motes's
Second Grade Students
Houston Elementary School
2001-2002 School Year
Copyright 2M productions, all rights reserved

Tyler Serrato


Here is a picture from Tyler Serrato, a second grader at Houston Elementary School, Texas, of Snickerdoodle on the road traveling. It is the picture that accompanies the story that follows, written by Kyman Rose-Stewart.

Snickerdoodle Meets People in Texas
By Kyman Rose-Stewart

Once there was a little small small person who moved to Texas. His name was Snickerdoodle. The people in Texas did not like him. They did not know that he was strong and brave and kind. When he moved it, they did not say anything to him. So he went and took a ride in his peanut car. He took a ride to go and look at the people. They made faces at him and he got sad. He went back home and went to his house and lay down and it got dark. He heard someone break into the house next door. So he went next door and he found that it was a robber so he got his peanut butter glue and spread it on the robber so that he got stick. Snickerdoodle took him to jail and everybody loved and liked him for saving their lives. They said "thank you" and became friends with the people.


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